Think Tank (2/2024)
Dean Kumar Ramakrishna (middle) and representatives from RSIS
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RSIS at the ISA Convention 2024
03 Apr 2024

RSIS hosted a vibrant social reception on the first night of the International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention which was held in San Francisco, USA, on 3 April 2024. The reception, aimed at enhancing RSIS’ global presence, was attended by more than 80 scholars from around the world.

Professor Kumar Ramakrishna, Dean of RSIS, kickstarted the reception by extending a warm welcome to the attendees and providing an introduction to RSIS. Attendees were given informational booklets that provided detail on RSIS’ research and graduate programmes. They also networked and mingled with the various representatives from RSIS.

RSIS thanks all who attended the reception and eagerly anticipate reconnecting with all attendees at future receptions at ISA.

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