CSCAP Regional Security Outlook 2024

Rethinking Confidence-Building Measures Amid Geopolitical Rivalry

The US-China relationship has deteriorated over retaliatory measures each has inflicted on the other, but an under-appreciated fact is that tit-for-tat strategies contain their own solutions. However, because cooperation is not given as much weight as retaliation, confidence-building measures must be more ambitiously rethought to reverse spiralling distrust.

An article in CSCAP Regional Security Outlook by Dr Joel Ng

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2024 Indonesia Elections
  • “Anies Baswedan and the 2024 Presidential Election: Preserving the Right, Capturing the Middle” by Irman Gurmilang Lanti and Adhi Priamarizki
  • “Indonesia’s 2024 General Elections: Competing Defence Visions and Military Priorities” by Iis Gindarsah and Adhi Priamarizki
  • “Opportunities and Challenges for Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Indonesian Election” by James Guild
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