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Professor Kitaoka Shinichi
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Japan’s Position in the World
19 Mar 2024

The RSIS Distinguished Public Lecture by Professor Kitaoka Shinichi, Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo and Rikkyo University, and Special Advisor to the President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA); was held on 19 March 2024. Professor Kumar Ramakrishna, Dean of RSIS, moderated the lecture titled “Japan’s Position in the World”.

Prime Minister Kishi Nobusuke declared in 1957 that Japan’s diplomacy should be based on three principles: diplomacy centered on the United Nations (UN), diplomacy as an Asian nation and cooperation with liberal countries. Over the years, however, these principles have been overshadowed by Japan’s US-centered diplomacy. Recent economic and security developments portend a more uncertain world, amid declining US influence. Against this backdrop, Japan should continue to strengthen its ties with the US while enhancing relations with neighboring countries with democratic values. Japan should also revive its global approach towards the developing countries through overseas development assistance (ODA), trade and investment, and deepen cooperation with those countries at the UN. This lecture will address these issues.

Watch the Distinguished Public Lecture here:

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