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Professor Michael Wesley
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Australia’s Role in the Indo-Pacific
08 Mar 2024

The RSIS Distinguished Public Lecture by Professor Michael Wesley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global, Culture and Engagement at the University of Melbourne; took place on 8 March 2024. Dr Mely Caballero-Anthony, Professor of International Relations and Associate Dean (International Engagement), moderated the lecture titled “Australia’s Role in the Indo-Pacific”.

Australia’s history since European settlement has been significantly shaped by the complexities of its relations with its neighbours in Asia and the Pacific. How Australia has perceived and navigated the great differences in culture, history and in many cases, development with its neighbours has been a defining influence on it as a society. This lecture will explore the history and evolution of Australian perceptions of and policies toward its neighbours, as well as how Asian and Pacific countries and organisations have responded to Australia’s interactions with them.

Watch the Distinguished Public Lecture here:

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