Jokowi’s Legacies and the Incoming Prabowo Administration: Change or Continuity?

This policy report aims to do two things: make sense of Jokowi’s ten years in office and its possible legacies for Indonesia, and develop several scenarios for how the Prabowo-Jokowi relationship is likely to evolve once Prabowo assumes office and how Indonesia will move forward under his administration.

Listen to Alexander Raymond Arifianto and Adhi Priamarizki
From “FYP” to Ballot Box: TikTok and Indonesia’s 2024 General Elections

TikTok played an integral role in Indonesia’s 2024 GE as a channel for politicians and political parties to distribute information. The platform also provided an opportunity for image rebranding and served as an arena for an information battle. In what way was it used as an effective tool in the Indonesia 2024 GE?

Listen to the soundbite by Adhi Priamarizki
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