Southeast Asia Amid the US-China Tech Race - A Conversation with Dr Cung Vu

As US-China competition heats up in the field of technology, Southeast Asian economies find themselves in a unique position with both benefits and risks. Investments have poured into the region from multiple parties, seeking to take advantage of factors such as mineral wealth and low labour costs to manufacture crucial components for EV supply chains. However, there are geopolitical risks that must be managed as well. Dr Cung Vu, Visiting Senior Fellow at RSIS, discussed in this podcast.

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Impact of Technologies on Geopolitics

How would technologies such as artificial intelligence, semiconductors or biotechnologies, impact on geopolitics? Find out more in the latest RSIS Commentaries by Dr Cung Vu, Visiting Senior Fellow.

  • New Biofrontiers: Where Biotechnology, National Security, and Geopolitics Intersect
  • Semiconductors & Artificial Intelligence: High Stakes Chips in the US-China Competition
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Cross-Strait Tensions and Southeast Asia’s Middle Powers: A Singaporean Perspective

What role, if any, could Asia’s so-called middle powers can play in response to growing tensions across the Taiwan Strait? This roundtable examines the strategies and approaches these states are adopting as the likelihood of major conflict over this enduring flashpoint intensifies. Find out more in Benjamin Ho’s essay in the latest issue of Asia Policy.

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Shifting Nodes of Power: Old and New Vectors of Big Power Competition
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04 JUN 2024
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Conflict in the Middle East - international law, geopolitics and trade implications for the Indo-Pacific
26 JUN 2024
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05 JUL 2024
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