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ISF-Asia 2023
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International Strategy Forum-Asia 2023
31 Jul 2023

RSIS partnered Schmidt Futures for the 2nd edition of the International Strategy Forum-Asia (ISF-Asia). RSIS and Schmidt Futures provided 22 Fellows, from 11 countries, a platform for discussing a range of key global issues today, spanning topics at the intersection of emerging technology and public and foreign policy.

ISF-Asia started on a strong note with a fireside chat, featuring Dr Ming Tan, Executive Director of the Tech for Good Institute, and ISF-Asia Fellow Nikki Sun, from the Digital Society Initiative in Chatham House (London). Both speakers discussed the impact of advanced AI technologies on societies, economies and the workforce, highlighted the need to promote sensible AI regulation and for companies to consider sustainable and responsible business models.

ISF’s Co-Chair Dr Fareed Zakaria, CNN journalist and thought-leader, joined the Forum online and shared his insights on how businesses should navigate the US-China rivalry, climate change, AI and arms control, gender and equity, the state of the global economy, and the future of journalism. Dr Zakaria’s incisive and thought-provoking responses set the stage for the Fellows to engage with the multi-faceted solutioning these issues would require.

Using a policy hackathon format, the Fellows were challenged to define their own policy question to answer, brainstorming global issues as diverse as unemployment, trade, transmigration issues and how to mitigate the vicissitudes of AI. The Forum demonstrated the strong presence of RSIS in the ISF series, with RSIS partnering with Schmidt Future for the second year. RSIS and Schmidt Futures share the same belief that the effort of bringing together non-traditional talent across boardrooms, newsrooms, laboratories, policymaking councils, foundations and beyond, will seed the solutions for tomorrow. RSIS is pleased to be part of this meaningful initiative to bring together young leaders to “ponder the improbable”.

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