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Discussants for the Southeast Asian Social Cohesion Radar 2022 Workshop
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Southeast Asian Social Cohesion Radar 2022
01 Jul 2022

The S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, with support from the Singapore Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, organised a workshop to discuss the findings of the research study titled “Southeast Asian Social Cohesion Radar” on 1 July 2022, at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay. The workshop brought together academics, practitioners, as well as community and religious leaders in Singapore.

The study, conducted to enrich discussions on social cohesion in the region, sought to understand local experiences of social cohesion and identity; and analyse the factors that contribute to social cohesion in ASEAN Member States. The regional study aimed to shed light on the dynamics of social cohesion in Southeast Asia.

The workshop was conducted to canvass the views and thoughts of a selected number of experts who are deeply involved in the vital task of building understanding and coexistence in communities in Southeast Asia. The workshop comprised a panel of five discussants and a series of breakout discussions with the audience to discuss the findings in greater detail. Some of the key discussions revolved around the impetus of the study, its key findings, methods to enhance the framework used, and identifying strategies that can be tapped on for longitudinal studies in future. The discussants and audience commended the team for its inaugural attempt to better understand cohesion and diversity in the region; at the same time advised that some issues deserve further clarification.

The final report will be launched at the second International Conference on Cohesive Societies (ICCS) which will be held in Singapore from 6 to 8 September 2022.



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