Think Tank (5/2023)
Participants from RSIS and German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)
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RSIS-SWP Dialogue 2023: The War in Ukraine and its Implications for Regional Stability
30 Aug 2023

RSIS hosted the fifth iteration of the RSIS-SWP Dialogue on 30 August 2023. Mandated as a platform for the two leading think tanks to discuss the key issues of the day, the theme of the dialogue was “The War in Ukraine and Its Implications for Regional Stability”. RSIS and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, SWP) had one speaker each that shared their respective regional insights on three panels. The panels discussed (i) Regional Stability in the Context of the War in Ukraine; (ii) Economic Security and the War in Ukraine; and (iii) The Future of Regional Security Architecture.

TT RSIS SWP Dialogue
Discussants at the fifth RSIS-SWP Dialogue

This dialogue offers a unique opportunity for two think tanks that are focused on geopolitics and international relations to discuss issues of common interest, but from different regional perspectives. This includes the role of regional security architecture entities, namely the European Union and ASEAN, in crucial global issues and the potential for collaborative strategies in an ever-evolving geopolitical landscape. RSIS and SWP academics discussed a broad range of issues including the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on great power relations, and European security and the Indo-Pacific order. Despite the challenges, the conclusion of the dialogue reiterated the key role that both Singapore and Germany can play to influence the environment within which they operate.

The dialogue observed the emergence of two competing visions of regional order: (i) the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP); and (ii) China’s initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the Global Security Initiative. Regardless, the members of the panels agree that ASEAN remains crucial in the region. Both institutions concluded the dialogue with the view that academic exchanges should be increased to enhance the understanding of Southeast Asia in Germany, as well as Europe in Singapore. The next iteration of the Dialogue will be held in Berlin in 2024.

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