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RSIS Executive Programme for Siemens -“Shifting Tectonics in Geopolitics”
14 Dec 2023

How can multi-national corporations navigate the complexities of great power politics and current affairs? On 14 December 2023, RSIS conducted the Siemens Executive Programme in a seminar, titled “Shifting Tectonics in Geopolitics”. Bringing together RSIS’ key experts, the programme created a platform to discuss issues of interest to MNCs, within and without the region.

Beginning with an overview of superpower relations and regional geopolitics, Assoc Prof Li Mingjiang, Dr Adrian Ang and Dr Dipinder Singh Randhawa set the stage for the discussion the implications this dynamic has on the regional economy and other issues. Mr Lawrence Anderson and Asst Prof Michael Raska followed up by exploring how developments in the region could shape bilateral and multilateral relations, and at the same time, examined the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in geopolitics, as well as other provocative issues.

In the third panel, Dr Kaewkamol “Karen” Pitakdumrongkit and Dr Gong Xue brought a different lens to the session, focussing on the economic dimensions of geopolitics. Bridging research, data, and analysis, Dr Karen and Dr Gong Xue discussed the implications on trade, supply-chain, offshoring/re-shoring as well as insights into market prospects in the region. Engaging discussions abound, with RSIS experts fielding questions from participants allowing the sessions to deep dive into significant topics.  Conversely, RSIS experts  were able to affirm how research data and analyses could be valuable to industry captains.

The programme culminated with a fireside chat with RSIS’ Executive Deputy Chairman, Ambassador Ong Keng Yong. He shared his experience and insights on ASEAN and the geopolitics of the region with the Siemens executives from a practitioner and policy-maker perspective. The participants found this particularly enriching and a suitable closer to a well-rounded and fulfilling programme. As the first of its kind, this programme highlights the value and relevance of RSIS’ faculty and their research to academia and industry.

Mr Michael Schaeffer, Vice President, Head of Market Intelligence at Corporate Strategy, Siemens AG; said that the Siemens Executive Programme “has fully achieved our expectations. We wanted to get the perspective of ASEAN from an independent and leading Think Tank in Singapore on the relations between US and China, and how ASEAN can play a greater role in benefitting from relocation from China to other countries. ASEAN is a very important region for Siemens and its customers.”

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