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NTS Year In Review 2019
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Non-Traditional Security Studies Year In Review 2019
02 Dec 2019

The Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies (NTS Centre) released its NTS Year In Review in December 2019. This annual publication is the centre’s reflections on the events of the past year and its staff’s contemplations on issues of non-traditional security in the region and beyond. The articles you will find within the pages of this publication resonate with the many research areas the centre focuses on but also extends beyond that. The articles examine the complexities and challenges of the many non-traditional security issues and highlight developments in this field of study.

This edition reflects on the study of non-traditional security studies and captures key events hosted by the centre over the past year. 2019 marks the NTS Centre Year In Review’s tenth year of publication.

The Year in Review 2019 tracks the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals and considers protectionism and ASEAN free trade in light of Sustainable Development. It also looks at women and economic security and addresses the role and importance of female humanitarian actors vis-à-vis humanitarian action in the region. We also highlight the importance of a collective response to the challenge of marine plastic pollution. In addition, there are discussions on testing the reach of warnings about Climate Change and sustaining nuclear security capacity building. This year’s edition also includes Fast Facts – infographics on salient areas of discussion in the region. Finally, as always, we showcase our centre’s activities for the year and the varied publications of our researchers in 2019.

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