Think Tank (5/2021)
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05 Oct 2021

APPSMO 2021 focused on “The Evolving Security Environment in the Asia-Pacific and its Challenges”. This was an update of previous APPSMO themes on security challenges and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific, while acknowledging at the same time the uncertainties that underlie any future conceptualisation of the region’s security architecture.

This year, RSIS brought together prominent scholars and practitioners in the field of military-security and international affairs to speak at panels with the following topics: Navigating Geopolitical Uncertainty in an Era of Great Power Rivalry; Changing Nature of Conflict in a Hybrid Environment; and Maintaining Maritime Security in International Waters. Through the intellectual exchanges, APPSMO facilitated the building of lasting professional and personal relationships among participants.

APPSMO hopes to promote mutual understanding and goodwill among the militaries of the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

More details will be carried in the next edition of Think Tank.

Watch the APPSMO 2021 Distinguished Speaker’s Lecture by Ambassador Chan Heng Chee on the RSISVideoCast YouTube channel:

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