This book aims to promote greater understanding of social cohesion amidst existing complexities of faith and identity, and what it portends for our future. Social cohesion defies easy definition; yet, every pursuit of social cohesiveness requires nurture, patience and a consensus that it is germane to the success of any community. Indeed, challenges abound, developments such as the COVID-19 pandemic, evolving geopolitical tensions, and a rise in access to technology impact social cohesion. In such times, it is pertinent to maintain on-going conversations revolving around social cohesion to bridge the divides through diversity and technology. This book continues to build on the conversations from the second edition of the International Conference of Cohesive Society (ICCS), held from 6–8 September 2022 in Singapore. Over 25 essays across three ICCS 2022 themes — How Faith Can Bridge Divides, Diversity, and Technology — present international and interdisciplinary perspectives in building confident identities and connected communities. Click here to view the book on "Faith, Identity, Cohesion: Building a Better Future".