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Regional Maritime Security Outlook 2022

The Regional Maritime Security Outlook 2022 focused on Strategic Outlook, Strategic Convergence, Military Competition and Non-State Maritime Security Threats. The Maritime Security Programme, IDSS, held the annual flagship conference on 18 and 19 January 2022. The virtual event featured four successive panels, fifteen speakers and moderators, and a small group of participants.

The p ...

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Extremist Islam: Recognition and Response in Southeast Asia

Since the Bali terrorist attacks in 2002, law enforcement agencies have rigorously combatted terrorist networks in Southeast Asia, yet groups motivated by violent extremist interpretations of Islam remain resilient and dangerous. This book shines a light on specific beliefs, behaviors, and policies that impact these challenges, ultimately offering cutting-edge, effective tools for response.

The book begins by challenging misguided and controversial notions that depict Islam as an inherently violent religion, arguing that the theological-ideological amalgam of what has been called Salafabism is the more useful lens for recognizing closed-minded extremist currents. The book carefully distinguishes this Salafabist extremist mindset from relatively open-minded Salafabist radicalism, paying due attention to "nonviolent extremists" and the ways they can contribute to rather than reduce violent terrorist activity in the region. Using poignant case studies from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia, the book clarifies a bewildering range of terminology associated with Islamist violence and explains how imprecise and oversimplified narratives are destructive to progress--and worse, empowering to terrorist organizations. These chapters build up to research-informed policies and rhetorical recommendations for improved outcomes.

With its novel insights into the root causes of extremist terrorism in Southeast Asia, the ineffective policies that prohibit progress and promote unrest in this region, and the avenues for positive change, this book offers a comprehensive strategy for fostering theologically sound yet culturally authentic counterterrorist measures that defend the complex, richly textured tapestry of culture in Southeast Asia.

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Citizenship as a Challenge: New and Old Dimensions of an Evolving Process
Citizenship is one of the most important legacies of human development. It raises the human status from a biological condition into a cultural, moral, political and rationalistic one. It is a constantly evolving process, which at each new turn, adds complexity to human existence. After the breakthroughs of the eighteenth century, with the first steps in recognition of civil and political rights, and of the twentieth century with the advancement of social rights and the emergence of cultural and environmental rights, one could conclude that the twenty-first century would see an enlargement of citizenship ideas and ideals. Has this indeed happened? Where are we now when it comes to identifying ourselves as citizens? Varying across several disciplines, this volume addresses the complexities of citizenship and our attempts to make sense of them.
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Malaysia-US Relations: Challenges and Opportunities
Malaysia and the United States mark 65 years of diplomatic relations in 2022. It is a longstanding relationship based on a strong foundation of strategic and economic cooperation.  Yet, the political tenor of the relationship has had its highs and lows, and there is an apparent scepticism, at ...
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Climate Security in the Indo-Pacific: Strategic Implications for Defence and Foreign Affairs
Experts discussed “Climate Security in the Indo-Pacific: Strategic Implications for Defence and Foreign Affairs” at a closed-door virtual roundtable of that title. Hosted by the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Programme of the Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies on 23 Febru ...
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COVID-19 and Regional Multilateralism in the Asia-Pacific
The RSIS Webinar Series “COVID-19 and Regional Multilateralism in the Asia-Pacific” hosted by the Centre for Multilateralism Studies on 18 February 2022 saw panellists deliberating on the region’s multilateral response to the pandemic and assessing how the region was affected by nearly two yea ...
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Navigating National Security Issues – A Whole-of-Nation Approach
The second National Security Symposium: Perspectives, Analysis & Discovery (NSSPAD) was organised by the National Security Studies Programme (NSSP) at RSIS, in conjunction with Nexus-MINDEF, on 18 February 2022. The event was supported by the National Security Coordination Secretariat (NSC ...
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Designing Thermostatic Institutions for Ameliorating the Climate and Species Extinction Crises: Lessons from Covid-19 Management
On 7 February 2022, the Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies (NTS Centre) at RSIS welcomed Professor Benjamin Cashore, who delivered the RSIS Seminar “Designing Thermostatic Institutions for Ameliorating the Climate and Species Extinction Crises: Lessons from COVID-19 Management”. Profe ...
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Humanitarian Futures in Southeast Asia
A workshop on humanitarian futures in Southeast Asia explored practical ways in which organisations could manage ongoing crises and be more prepared for similar events in the future. The Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Programme of the Centre for Non-Traditional Security Stu ...
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The Heart of the European Threat: France’s Terrorist Problems
The webinar, “The Heart of the European Threat: France’s Terrorist Problems” was organised by the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research (ICPVTR) on 11 January 2022. The exploration of France’s long and varied history with terrorism, despite its notorious spate of I ...
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Republic of Korea’s Role for Regional Peace and Prosperity
On 23 December 2021, His Excellency Suh Wook, Minister of National Defence of the Republic of Korea, spoke at the RSIS Distinguished Public Lecture on “Republic of Korea’s Role for Regional Peace and Prosperity”. His presentation reaffirmed Korea and Singapore’s shared goal of bilateral defenc ...
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Security Dynamics at Asia-Pacific: New Developments and Anticipations
IDSS and the Institute for Defence International Relations (IDIR), Ministry of National Defence of Vietnam, co-hosted a virtual roundtable on 7 December 2021 titled “Security Dynamics at Asia-Pacific: New Developments and Anticipations” Participants agreed that competition among powers, ...
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Defence Innovation and the 4th Industrial Revolution
This book examines the implications of disruptive technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) on military innovation and the use of force. It provides an in-depth understanding of how both large and small militaries are seeking to leverage 4IR emerging technologies and the effects s ...
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Most Read RSIS Policy Reports
The Policy Reports offer the reader with policy recommendations for various levels – from policymakers and decision-makers in governments, to international organisations, academic institutions, think tanks, civil societies, commercial sectors, and the media.
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Most Read RSIS Commentaries
The RSIS Commentary contributes views to public discourse on international affairs, with a focus on international affairs relating to the Asia Pacific region, ranging from security and politics to climate change and non-traditional security.
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RSIS Researchers’ Comments in the Media
RSIS Researchers regularly provide comments through media interviews to share useful resource and insights on relevant topic. These include newspaper quotes, TV interviews as well as radio interviews. Click here for th ...
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Op-eds by RSIS Researchers
RSIS Researcher regularly contribute analyses and perspectives on topical issues. These are published in presses, current affairs online platforms and top-tier academic journals. Click here for the full list of op ...
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