Media Mentions
Tharman Has the Advantage of Uniting the People of SG: Alami Musa
Berita Mediacorp online
27 Jul 2023
Ho Kwon Ping, Royston Tan Among Official Backers of Tharman’s Presidency Bid
The Business Times
27 Jul 2023
Tharman Formally Launches Bid To Be Singapore’s: “President for A New Era”
26 Jul 2023
Commentary: RRG Is Now Focusing on Tackling Radical Ideologies Through Social Media
BeritaMediacorp Online
27 Jun 2023
The Threats of Online Extremism
Suria (Mediacorp)
11 May 2023
Commentary: RRG’s Two Decades of Fighting Radical Ideology
Berita Mediacorponline
11 May 2023
The Continuing Threat of Self-Radicalization in Singapore
The Diplomat
23 Jan 2023
How Govt-Community Partnership Works in Tackling the JI Threat and Rehabilitating its Members
TODAY Online
22 Dec 2021
I Counsel Radicalised Individuals In S’pore, Here’s What They Don’t Tell You About Rehab
MSN News
08 Dec 2021
Time For A New Social Compact On Race
The Straits Times
13 Aug 2021
Looking Back On 18 Years At Helm Of Muis
The Straits Times
31 Jul 2021
ODVV Interview: Europe Has Not Provided A Convincing Counter-Narrative To Populistist Islamophobia
26 Apr 2021
The Next Phase in Interfaith Dialogue
The Straits Times
19 Feb 2021
Parents Can Help Steer Youth Away From Online Radicalisation
31 Jan 2021
More Consideration Needs To Be Given To The Non-Religious
The Straits Times
23 Jan 2021
Will Singapore 2030 Be Less Or More Cohesive?
The Straits Times
21 Jan 2021
Good that Racial and Social Identities are Discussed Openly
The Straits Times
16 Jan 2021
Racial and Social Identity Issues Will Pose Constant Challenge: Observers
The Straits Times
15 Jan 2021
Idea of Chinese Privilege Is ‘Intellectual Scarcity’: S’porean Panelist at IPS Forum
14 Jan 2021
Have an NMP Represent the Religious Sector to Enhance Singapore’s Secularism: Panellist
14 Jan 2021
Expand the CMIO Model to Accommodate People’s Desires on How They Want To Be Identified: Panellists
14 Jan 2021
The Challenges that Confront Singapore’s Model of Secularism
The Straits Times
10 Dec 2020
How to Engage the Young in Race and Religion Dialogues
The Straits Times
08 Aug 2020
Hagia Sophia as Mosque or Museum: Religion in a Post-Secular World – Analysis
Eurasia Review
16 Jul 2020
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