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Commentary: Understanding the Foundation of Singapore’s National Resilience Will Enable Us to Better Weather Storms Ahead
Today Online
12 Mar 2024
Mobilisation Woes in Ukraine War Offer Lessons for S’pore’s National Service
The Straits Times
21 Sep 2023
Senoko Fishery Port To Close By End-March 2024
The Straits Times
30 Jun 2023
Commentary: What Singapore Can Learn from Russia’s Problems in Drafting Reservist Troops
07 Nov 2022
Commentary: Terrorism Threat May Look Different 20 Years After Bali Bombings, but Stakes for Singapore Have Not Changed
CNA Online
12 Oct 2022
Commentary: Lessons from Singapore’s Former Pig Farmers About Business Transformation
TODAY Online
06 Sep 2022
Commentary: Here’s How S’pore Can “Get Real” and be Psychologically Prepared for Possible Conflict in Region
TODAY Online
01 Sep 2022
Local Scholars: Pandemic May Make People More Prone to Self-Radicalisation Through the Internet
14 Jul 2022
“He’s Just One Voice”, Abdul Somad Batubara Doesn’t Represent Everybody in Indonesia: Terrorism Expert
31 May 2022
Hate Speech by Barred Preacher Could Cause Divisions Here, Says Expert
The Straits Times
28 May 2022
Commentary: Why Singapore Needs to Keep Out Indonesian Preacher Abdul Somad’s Extremism
TODAY Online
26 May 2022
Lessons for Singapore from the Ukraine Crisis
Power98 FM
15 Mar 2022
JI Adopting Communist ‘United Front’ Tactic
The Straits Times
23 Dec 2021
The Big Read: Jemaah Islamiyah Emerges from the Shadows, Playing the Long Game
TODAY Online
11 Dec 2021
IN FOCUS: The Inside Story of How ISD Crippled a Terrorist Network Targeting Singapore After 9/11
CNA Online
04 Dec 2021
Could the Return of the Taliban in Afghanistan Inspire Extremists in Southeast Asia?
TODAY Online
23 Sep 2021
Will S’pore’s Way To Tackle Terror Hold?
The Straits Times
11 Sep 2021
Countering the Threat of Islamist Extremism in South-east Asia – Opinion
The Straits Times online
19 Jul 2021
Care, Consideration for Others Stressed at Interfaith Dialogue
The Sunday Times
20 Jun 2021
Afghanistan Could Be ‘Safe Haven’ for Terrorists, with Dangerous Repercussions for South-East Asia: Experts
The Straits Times Online
04 Jun 2021
Police and Churches Here Beef Up Security for Easter Weekend
The Straits Times
02 Apr 2021
“US Still the Target”: Indonesia’s Arrest of Jemaah Islamiah Terrorist Leader Reveals Thousands of Recruits
South China Morning Post
12 Dec 2020
War On COVID-19: More Than One Front
Eurasia Review
16 Apr 2020
2 Singaporeans Detained Under ISA: Arrests Signal Threat Posed by Extremist Rhetoric Online, Say Experts
The Straits Times
26 Jul 2019
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