The First NADI Retreat

The Network of Asean Defence and Security Institutions (NADI) held its first NADI Retreat from 2 to 3 September 2013 in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. The NADI Retreat was attended by all the NADI members. The NADI delegations exchanged views on the future directions and prospects of ADMM and ADMM Plus cooperation . The NADI Retreat concluded with the NADI Retreat Chairman‘s Statement and a list of recommendations to ADMM for their consideration.

The NADI members also agreed to the NADI Retreat being held tentatively once every two years, with the frequency being reviewed in the future when the need arises. The next NADI Retreat will be hosted by Malaysia in mid 2015.


Documents of The First NADI Retreat

  1. Chairman’s report of the NADI Workshop