NADI 10th Anniversary Commemorative Workshop

The NADI 10th Anniversary Commemorative Workshop, hosted by the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), was held at the Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel, Singapore, from 2 to 5 May 2017. Ambassador Ong Keng Yong (Executive Deputy Chairman, RSIS) chaired the Workshop. The Workshop began with Welcome Remarks by Ambassador Ong. The Guest-of-Honour, Mr Eddie Teo, Chairman of the Board of Governors of RSIS, then gave a Keynote Speech hailing the 10th Anniversary as a milestone, and launched the NADI Commemorative Book, titled “Track II Network of ASEAN Defence and Security Institutions (NADI): Commemorating 10 Years of NADI”. This was followed by the Seminar on “Future Directions of NADI”, chaired by Ambassador Ong, during which the Workshop had an active exchange of views on the achievements and strengths of NADI, and how to best take NADI forward. The Chairman’s Report highlighted the recommendations adopted by the Workshop participants to improve NADI’s mechanisms and practices.

Attached are the Chairman’s Report, the agenda and the programme.

Documents of 10th NADI Meeting

  1. Chairman’s Report
  2. Agenda
  3. Programme