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How Climate Change Can Threaten Food Production in Singapore
Channel NewsAsia
19 Dec 2020
How Climate Change Is Messing with Your Food
Channel NewsAsia Online
18 Dec 2020
Singapore’s Approval of Lab-Grown Meat Helps Sustain Food Security
China Daily Asia (Hong Kong)
16 Dec 2020
Commentary: Is lab-Grown Meat a New Frontier Or a Passing Fad? 
Channel NewsAsia Online
05 Dec 2020
Rice Seen Fading as Staple with Higher Incomes 
30 Nov 2020
Climate Change: What Happened to Asia-Pacific’s Green Recovery from Coronavirus? 
South China Morning Post
26 Nov 2020
Decarbonisation on a Finite Planet
Agenparl (Italy)
26 Nov 2020
Singapore’s Farms Face An Even Greater Challenge in A Post-COVID-19 World
Channel NewsAsia Online
01 Nov 2020
Lessons from Covid: Tackling Disease with a City-by-City Approach
The Interpreter
29 Oct 2020
Teen Grows High-Tech Veggie Farm in Balcony of Orchard Road Home 
The Straits Times
10 Oct 2020
Coronavirus: What China’s Decision to Join the WHO’s Vaccine Scheme Means
South China Morning Post
09 Oct 2020
Singaporean Startup Gets Over $12 Million to Grow Seafood Using Stem Cells
Next Shark
01 Oct 2020
Asean’s Inclusive Regionalism a Precious Asset Amid Pandemic and US-China Tensions: Experts 
The Straits Times
19 Aug 2020
How to Cook Rice: in Asia, It’s No Laughing Matter
South China Morning Post
16 Aug 2020
The ‘Egg-onomics’ of Food Security
The Straits Times
24 Jul 2020
A Look Ahead to Myanmar GE 2020: Ethnic Parties and Storms of Discontent
Southeast Asia Globe
20 Jul 2020
Hyper-Surveillance Under COVID-19
East Asia Forum
04 Jul 2020
Establishing Humanitarian Lanes During COVID-19
East Asia Forum
30 Jun 2020
Covid-19 Ushers in Planting Season for Local Farms, but Costs, Cheaper Imports Hobble Prospects
The Business Times
26 Jun 2020
In Limbo in Asean: Pandemic and Irregular Migration
Agenparl (Italy)
25 Jun 2020
Unable to Sustain High Costs, Family Farm Calls It Quits After 6 Decades
14 Jun 2020
Pandemic Response: The Women, Peace and Security Agenda – Analysis
Eurasia Review
11 Jun 2020
Total Defence Should Include Food Security
Storm Asia
08 Jun 2020
Enlarging Asia’s Food Basket with Gene Editing
Asian Scientist
01 Jun 2020
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