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Is The Global Rice Crisis Coming Again?
Lianhe Zaobao
26 Sep 2023
Pioneering A Water-Secure Philippines
Manila Standard
24 Sep 2023
Burmese Junta Reduces Aung San Suu Kyi’s Prison Sentence Amid Political Uncertainty
CE NoticiasFinancieras
01 Aug 2023
Asia’s Looming Hunger Catastrophe
DW News
13 Jun 2023
Reclaiming ASEAN’s comprehensive and cooperative security
East Asia Forum
13 Jun 2023
Why Is India Rolling Back COVID-19 Food Aid?
East Asia Forum
20 Feb 2023
Thailand’s Rice Bowl Threatened by Rise of Its Regional Rivals
The Straits Times
21 Jan 2023
Securitising Climate Policy Will Keep the Indo-Pacific Afloat
East Asia Forum
26 Dec 2022
Southeast Asia’s Reliance on Not Taking a Stand Is A Dangerous Bet
The Japan Times
20 Dec 2022
It’s “Reliable” and Low-Carbon. Will Nuclear Energy be the Right Fit for Indonesia’s Future?
Channel NewsAsia
05 Nov 2022
Ukraine-Russia Grain Deal and Impact on Asia Food Prices
Asia Business Report, BBC News
01 Nov 2022
Ukraine War Threatens Global Food Security
The Jakarta Post
05 Sep 2022
Craving India’s Food Security Success
East Asia Forum
03 Sep 2022
Commentary: Reducing ASEAN’s Food Import Dependency
East Asia Forum
25 Aug 2022
Urban Resilience: A 21st Century Challenge
The Straits Times
24 Aug 2022
An Alternative Framework for Disaster Governance in ASEAN
The Straits Times
19 Aug 2022
Transfer in the Philippines: From the Bloody Rodrigo Duterte to the Return of the Marcos Dynasty
29 Jun 2022
Singaporeans Feeling Pinch of Malaysia’s Chicken Export Ban
China Daily-Global Edition
13 Jun 2022
With a Growing Appetite for Meat and Disruption in Production, Asia has a Looming Food Crisis
08 Jun 2022
Seeds of Change
This Week in Asia
05 Jun 2022
Can the World Spend Its Way Out of the Current Global Food Crisis?
South China Morning Post
04 Jun 2022
From Malaysia to India, How are Export Bans on Chicken, Wheat, Sugar Affecting Asia?
South China Morning Post
04 Jun 2022
Cooperation in Asia Viewed as Way to Counter Food Crisis
China Daily-Global Edition
01 Jun 2022
Food Crisis 2022: The Many Rethinks Needed to Feed the World
Eco-Business News
01 Jun 2022
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