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Promoting Amity: Diplomacy and Dialogue as Statecrafts in a Fragmented World

The RSIS Distinguished Public Lecture by Dr Marty Natalegawa, Distinguished Visiting Fellow of RSIS and Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Indonesia, took place on 11 June 2024. Titled “Promoting Amity: Diplomacy and Dialogue as Statecrafts in a Fragmented World”, the lecture was moderated by Ambassador Ong Keng Yong, Executive Deputy Chairman of RSIS.

Evidence of a fragmented wor ...

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Modernising the People’s Liberation Army in the New Era: Aspiring to be a Global Military Power
The book tracks the reforms undertaken by the PLA as part of the grand objectives set at the 2015 Central Military Commission Reform Work Meeting: for China’s armed forces to transform themselves into a more professional and modern military. Focusing on those changes since late 2016 at corps level and below, the first and second sections of the volume document the subsequent force structure and operational changes to the PLA’s four conventional services, and two newly established PLA branches: the Strategic Support Force and Joint Logistic Support Force. To that end, the contributors examine the reforms promulgated by the Chinese high command and measure them against observable developments in the PLA’s power projection capabilities. In view of how the instrumentalization of military power is writ large in Beijing’s strategic calculus and in regional hotspot issues, the final part of the book also provides pathbreaking insights into two critical but not-so-well-understood phenomena: the now regular PLA aerial activities in the Taiwan Strait and the PLA Navy’s submarine operations in the South China Sea.
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Indonesia and Islam in Transition
This book focuses on Islam in Indonesia, showcasing the wide range of Muslim organisations, belief systems and movements, together with an analysis of the political behaviour of Indonesian Muslims. It includes an investigation of the structure of groups, organizations, and societies, and how Muslims within the archipelago interact within these contexts. In doing so, it promotes a more nuanced understanding of Indonesian Muslim society by approaching it through the utilisation of scholarly frameworks. Theories related to religion and society are used, especially in characterising the transition of the Indonesian Muslim society from pre-New Order to post-New Order. Particularly significant is Abdullah Saeed's framework in understanding one’s attitude towards key and contemporary issues, originally used to understand one’s attitude towards the religious ‘other’. The authors thus adopt this framework in the book, as a method of categorising people in a diverse society which in turnhelps readers to understand the nuances of Islam and Muslims in a huge country like Indonesia.
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Perspectives of Two Island Nations: Singapore – New Zealand
Singapore and New Zealand are island nations that share many similarities and have enjoyed close relations for almost sixty years. Both face global challenges in today's less stable world. Twenty-seven prominent experts cover a wide range of topics, from Singapore's and New Zealand's history, foreign policy, trade relations, economy, sustainability and climate policies, to creative sectors, museums and ageing populations. Other distinguished authors highlight the close cooperation in defence, trade and business. The Editor, Dr Anne-Marie Schleich, was a German career diplomat posted to Singapore from 1982 to 1985 and was the German Ambassador to New Zealand from 2012 to 2016. She is now an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, NTU, Singapore.
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Encountering Hindutva in the Diasporas: The Case in the Netherlands
The Studies in Inter-Religious Relations in Plural Societies Programme (SRP) held a webinar on 4 June 2024 titled “Encountering Hindutva in the Diasporas: The Case in the Netherlands”. The webinar featured Dr Priya Swamy, a curator of Globalisation and South Asia at the National Museum of Worl ...
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An Evolving Asia-Pacific Security Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities
RSIS held a roundtable discussion on 30 May 2024 titled “An Evolving Asia-Pacific Security Landscape: Challenges & Opportunities”, with the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS). During the discussion, CIISS delegates shared their perspectives on issues related to Sou ...
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Policy Options for Asia and Global Community in the Face of Export Bans
RSIS hosted a webinar titled “Policy Options for Asia and Global Community in the Face of Export Bans” on 29 May 2024. It featured international experts from various institutions of relevance to the theme. RSIS Research Fellow, Dr Jose Ma. Luis Montesclaros, as webinar chair, gave a scene-sett ...
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India’s Many Transitions Through the Eyes of a Civil Servant
Dr Duvvuri Subbarao, the former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India and former Finance Secretary to the Government of India, gave a public lecture on 28 May 2024 titled “India’s Many Transitions Through the Eyes of a Civil Servant”. The lecture was co-hosted by the South Asia Programme at RS ...
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Inclusive or Exclusive? Engaging 'The Religious Other' in Islamic Tradition
The Studies in Interreligious Relations in Plural Societies (SRP) Programme at RSIS held a webinar titled “Inclusive or Exclusive? Engaging ‘The Religious Other’ in Islamic Tradition” on 21 May 2024. Attended by 42 participants, the webinar discussed the terms “inclusivist” and “exclusivist” i ...
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Global Order & Multilateralism: Adaptation Beyond the State
If the great power competition places strains on the international order, why has it not completely broken down? Dr Paul Hansbury, Research Fellow in the Institute for Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick shared his thoughts on the sources of the global order’s resilienc ...
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On Democracy and Myanmar - Seminars by Ambassador Derek Mitchell
Ambassador Derek Mitchell, Senior Advisor to the President and Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC, delivered two RSIS Seminars on 16 and 23 May 2024 titled “Realists Need to Get Real: The Case for Democracy” and “The Tragedy of Myanmar – ...
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Memology: Deciphering the Language of Internet Memes and its Use in Disinformation
As part of ongoing research that aims to shed light on how emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the character of disinformation, the Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS) held a seminar on 16 May 2024 on “Memology: Deciphering the Language of Inter ...
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Chinese AI Governance at the Crossroads: Implications for US-China Competition and Global AI Governance
RSIS held a seminar on 2 May 2024 titled “Chinese AI Governance at the Crossroads: Implications for US-China Competition and Global AI Governance”, with Mr Matt Sheehan, a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. During the seminar, Mr Sheehan discussed about Chinese AI policy ...
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The Evolution of Wellbeing in Megachurches: From Healing to Personal Fulfilment
“The Evolution of Wellbeing in Megachurches: From Healing to Personal Fulfilment” was the topic of a webinar organised by the Studies in Inter-religious Relations in Plural Societies (SRP) Programme on 30 April 2024. Dr Jayeel Cornelio, Associate Professor at Ateneo de Manilla Univ ...
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The South China Sea: The Case for Renewed Political Impetus
Dr Marty Natalegawa, Distinguished Visiting Fellow at RSIS and former Foreign Minister of Indonesia, spoke at a seminar on 26 April 2024 and explored the continued efforts in pushing forward negotiations for the ASEAN-China Code of Conduct for the South China Sea (COC) from the perspective of ...
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Rising to the Challenge: Global Leadership in a Fractured World
RSIS held the 5th Trilateral Exchange on “Rising to the Challenge: Global Leadership in a Fractured World” on 23 April 2024. Scholars from United States and China were invited to discuss and re-examine what global leadership means in today’s world, given the increasingly complex rel ...
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The Psychological Risks of War Between the United States and China
Despite the multitude of explanations for US-China rivalry, the psychological aspect remains relatively understudied. Focusing on this gap, Dr Eugen Koh, a psychiatrist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Senior Fellow at the School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne; and ...
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The RSIS Commentary contributes views to public discourse on international affairs, with a focus on international affairs relating to the Asia Pacific region, ranging from security and politics to climate change and non-traditional security.
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The Policy Reports offer the reader with policy recommendations for various levels – from policymakers and decision-makers in governments, to international organisations, academic institutions, think tanks, civil societies, commercial sectors, and the media.
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