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RSIS Fortnightly Summary (Issue 27)
27 Jan 2012

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Special Updates

RSIS Ranked Among Top 50 Think Tanks in the World
In the 2011 Global Go to Think Tanks ranking results released by the University of Pennsylvania’s International Relations Program on 18 January 2012, RSIS was listed among the Top 50 think tanks in the world. For more details, please click here.

MSc Application
Application for the coming intake of the MSc programme closes in 1 month. For details, please click here.

RSIS in the News

Egypt One Year On: Stark Message for Arab Revolutionaries
Middle East Online, 25 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

Anwar’s Acquittal: What Next For Najib?
Eurasia Review, 25 January 2012, Yang Razali Kassim

France Retreats from Afghanistan after 4 Deaths
The Standard, 23 January 2012, Kim Willsher, Mark Magnier

Targeted Assassinations: Implications for Security
The Nation, 23 January 2012, Damien D. Cheong

Egypt and Yemen: Protestors Being ‘Marginalised’
Mid East Posts, 23 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

Indonesia’s Submarine Play
The Diplomat, 19 January 2012, Collin Koh Swee Lean

Qatar Makes Labour Rights Commitments, Yields to World Cup Pressure
Mid East Posts, 18 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

Qatar Ruler’s Powers Debated
Middle East Online, 18 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

Pork, Alcohol and Qatar: Setting the Limits to ‘Modernity’ and Global Ambition
Mid East Posts, 18 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

Thai Authorities Investigate Terror Links to Stockpiled Explosives
Voice of America, 17 January 2012, Daniel Schearf

Lebanese-Syrian Soccer Qualifier Serves as Barometer Of Troubled Relations
Eurasia Review, 17 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

China’s Dilemma: After the US Reengagement in Southeast Asia
Jakarta Post, 17 January 2012, Randy W. Nandyatama

Alcohol Ban Raises Specter of Problems for Qatar's Hosting of 2022 World Cup
Huffington Post, 17 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

The Arab People’s Uprising: The Jihadist Perspective
Global Peace Support Group, 16 January 2012, Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan and Muhammad Haniff Hassan

Debate Questions Emir’s Powers to Shape Qatar’s Positioning as a Sports Hub and Sponsor of Revolts
Global Defence Net, 16 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

Israeli Football’s Bad Boys Look for Finance
Mid east Posts, 16 January 2012, James M. Dorsey

Freelance Fighters and ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Terrorism: What Lies Ahead For Indonesia
Eurasia Review, 16 January 2012, Sulastri Osman

RSIS Publications


No. 019/2012 dated 26 January 2012
Terrorism Outlook in 2012: The Threat Continues
Rohan Gunaratna
The global terrorism threat emanating from the Af-Pak epicentre and Middle East will be multi-dimensional and diversified. Al Qaeda ideology will radicalise more local groups and individuals. Besides physical security measures governments will need to employ counter-ideological approaches to fight the increasing threat.

No. 018/2012 dated 25 January 2012
Egypt One Year On: Stark Message for Arab Revolutionaries
James M. Dorsey
This month's first anniversary of the uprising that toppled Mubarak contains a stark message for Egypt’s revolutionaries. They are being marginalised as vested interests and traditional political forces experienced in political horse trading fill the vacuum of leadership. This message may well also be meant for other revolutionaries in the Arab world.

No. 017/2012 dated 20 January 2012
Targeted Assassinations: Implications for National Security
Damien D. Cheong
The latest targeted assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist sets a dangerous precedent. Although the use of this tactic is intended to reduce national security threats, the various reprisals and actions that states could adopt could actually increase threats to national security.

No. 016/2012 dated 20 January 2012
Anwar’s Acquittal: What Next for Najib?
Yang Razali Kassim
The Malaysian High Court’s verdict to acquit Anwar Ibrahim of the sodomy charge is both a setback and a boon for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. While Najib’s reformist credentials will be boosted, his political fortune may come under pressure. What will he do next?

No. 015/2012 dated 18 January 2012
Myanmar’s Reforms: The Challenges Ahead
Kyaw San Wai
The release of many high-profile political prisoners by Myanmar’s government has been applauded by the international community. However many obstacles to reform still exist, but they are not the usual suspects.

No. 014/2012 dated 17 January 2012
The New Great Game: ASEAN’s Balancing Act?
Yang Razali Kassim
The new year will see ASEAN more engaged in a balancing and hedging strategy as the “new Great Game” between the US and China in East Asia unfolds. Can ASEAN avoid being trampled underfoot?

No. 013/2012 dated 16 January 2012
China’s Economic Engagement in Africa: Changing approach in Mozambique
Loro Horta
China has changed its approach to local governments and societies while increasing its investments in Africa. As the West is mired in economic crises, Africa looks to Asian countries for alternatives.

No. 012/2012 dated 16 January 2012
India’s Food Security Bill: A waste or win for the hungry?
Sally Trethewie
Home to over 25 per cent of the world’s hungry poor, India faces major food security challenges and the situation has barely improved in two decades. Will the National Food Security Bill that the Indian Parliament is expected to pass this month alleviate the country’s food insecurity?

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