NADI Workshop on The Role of Military in Enhancing Human Security

“The NADI Workshop on “The Role of Military in Enhancing Human Security” was organised by the Strategic Studies Center (SSC), National Defence Security Institution, at A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel, Pattaya City, Thailand, from 25 to 28 August 2014. All NADI members attended the Workshop, which was chaired by Major General Chaianan Jantakananuruk (Director, SSC), Colonel Apisak Sombutcharoennon (Deputy Director, SSC) and Group Captain Poomjai Leksuntarakorn (Director of Regional Studies Division, SSC).

The NADI delegations shared their perspectives on and respective militaries’ role in enhancing human security. Suggestions were also made on how to enhance cooperation at the regional ASEAN level on human security issues. Following a comprehensive exchange of views and discussion, the Workshop recommended some measures for ADMM Track’s consideration. These recommendations aimed to boost regional cooperation in managing and combating human security challenges.”


Documents of NADI Workshop on 'The Role of Military in Enhancing Human Security'

  1. Chairman’s Report
  2. Agenda list
  3. Programme
  4. Participant list