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Faculty & Research

Associate Dean
Professor Joseph Chinyong Liow


  • Ph.D. LSE, United Kingdom

Research Interests

  • Muslim politics in Southeast Asia with an emphasis on Malaysia and Thailand
  • Foreign policy and internal conflicts in Southeast Asia
  • Malaysian domestic politics
  • Islamisation of resistance in Thailand and the Philippines

Professional Activities

  • Visiting Fellow, Southeast Asia Forum, The Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Centre, Stanford University, October-November 2007
  • Visiting Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, June-July 2005
  • Visiting Fellow, East-West Center Washington D.C., September-January 2005
  • Article reviewer (Contemporary Southeast Asia, Pacific Review)
  • Associate Editor, Asian Security

Selected Publications

Islam, Education, and Reform in Southern Thailand: Tradition and Transformation (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2009); Piety and Politics: Islamism in Contemporary Malaysia (Oxford University Press, 2009); Routledge Islam in Southeast Asia Series. Four Volumes (editor, ROutledge 2009); Muslim Resistance in Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines: Religion, Ideology, and Politics (East-West Centre Washington, 2006); Order and Security in Southeast Asia: Essays in Memory of Michael Leifer (co-editor, Routledge 2005); The Politics of Indonesia-Malaysia Relations: One Kin, Two Nations (RoutledgeCurzon 2005); Special Issue in Memory of Michael Leifer (Guest Editor by invitation, Pacific Review 2005); Internal Conflicts in Southeast Asia (Guest Editor by invitation, Asian Security 2007); “The Coup and the Southern Thailand Conflict,” Crossroads, Vol.19, No.1, 2008;“Disjointed Perspectives: Interpreting Complexity in Southeast Asian Perceptions on America” (with Tan See Seng) in Edward A. Kolodziej and Roger E. Kanet (eds.), Consensual or Coercive Hegemon: Either or Neither?; American Power and Global Order (University of Atlanta Press 2008); “Iron Fists without Velvet Gloves: The Krue Se Mosque Incident and Lessons in Counterinsurgency for the Southern Thai Conflict” in C. Christine Fair and Sumit Ganguly (eds.), Treading on Hallowed Ground: Counterinsurgency Operations in Sacred Spaces (Oxford University Press 2008); “Political Islam in Southeast Asia: One Ummah, Many Narratives” (with Rohaisa Asi), Harvard Asia Pacific Review, Vol.9, No.2, Spring 2008; “The Fluid Terrain of Islamism in Southeast Asia”, NBR Analysis, Vol.19, No.4, August 2008; “Islamic Education in Southern Thailand: Negotiating Islam, Identity, and Modernity” in Robert W. Hefner (ed.), Making Modern Muslims: The Politics of Islamic Education in Southeast Asia. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2008.


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Prof. Joseph Chinyong Liow

Office: S4 B4 - 04
Phone: 6790 4908

Teaching/Research Programme

IR6011 Foreign Policy and Security Issues in Southeast Asia
Occasional lecturer at various government agency training programs

Coordinator, Contemporary Islam Program
Coordinator, Malaysia Programme (IDSS)

Media expertise

Malaysian politics;Muslim politics in Thailand and Philippines