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Distinguished Senior Fellow

Mr S. R. Nathan
Distinguished Senior Fellow (Honorary Appointment)

Education: Dip. Soc. Studies (University of Malaya, Singapore), D.Litt. (NTU)

Faculty and Research

(listed in alphabetical order)

Dr Badrol Hisham Bin Ahmad Noor (Farish)
Associate Professor

Education: Ph.D. (University of Essex,Colchester, UK)
Email: isbhahmad@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6128
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Dr Mohamed Bin Ali
Research Fellow
Education: B.A. (Al-Azhar, Cairo), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU), Ph.D. (University of Exeter, UK)
Email: ismohamed@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6498
Research Interests: Religious ideologies and terrorism, Cultural and Islamic practices. Special area of interest in Middle East affairs specifically, political changes and development.

Mr Mushahid Ali s/o Munshi Asmat Ali
Senior Fellow

Education: B.A. Hons. (University of Singapore)
Email: ismali@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6836

Research Interests: Middle East – West Asia political, security and strategic issues

Dr Ang Cheng Guan
Associate Professor, Head of Graduate Studies
Education: B.A. Hons. (NUS), Dip.Ed. (Singapore Institute of Education), M.A. and Ph.D. (University of London)
Email: iscgang@ntu.edu.sg
Research Interests: Cold War International History of Southeast Asia and The Indochina Wars

Dr Mely Caballero-Anthony
Associate Professor, Head of Centre for NTS Studies
B.A. Hons., M.A. (UP), Ph.D. (HKU)
6790 5886
Research Interests: 
Regionalism and regional security in Asia Pacific, focusing among others, on multilateral approaches to security in ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific, mechanisms of conflict prevention and management, human security and international relations in Southeast Asia.
Detailed profile

Prof Rajesh M. Basrur
Professor, Coordinator of South Asia Programme (IDSS), Coordinator of M.Sc (International Relations)
Education: B.A., M.A., M. Phil. (Delhi), M.A., Ph.D. (Bombay)
Email: israjesh@ntu.edu.sg, rmbasrur@hotmail.com
Tel: 6513 7608
Research Interests: Nuclear Politics, Nuclear Terrorism, South Asian Strategic Politics, Human Security, International Relations Theory
Detailed profile

Mr Richard Allan Bitzinger
Senior Fellow, Coordinator of Military Transformations Programme (IDSS)
Education: B.A. (Kalamazoo), M.A. (Monterey)
Email: isrbitzinger@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6514 1904
Research Interests: RMA and defence transformation, military modernization in the Asia-Pacific region, defence industries and armaments production, managing defence technologies, the conventional arms trade
Detailed profile

Ms Chan Git Yin, Jane
Research Fellow, Coordinator of Maritime Security Programme (IDSS)
Education: LL.B. (Tasmania), M.Sc. (IDSS, NTU)
Email: isgychan@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 2733
Research Interest: Regional security, maritime security issues, regional institutions and cooperation, alternative dispute resolutions.

Dr Cheong Eng Hoe Damien Dominic
Research Fellow
B.Commerce, B.A Hons (Murdoch University), Ph.D. (Monash University)
6592 1607
Research Interests:
Strategic communication as used by violent non-state actors, political violence, security studies, Middle East politics and politic Islam

Dr Emrys Myles Chew Khean Aun
Assistant Professor, Coordinator of M.Sc (Strategic Studies)
Education: B.A. Hons., M.A. , Ph.D. (Cambridge)
Email: isechew@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6514 1905
Research Interests: Imperial and Commonwealth History, Post-colonial History and Nationalism, Colonialism and Christian Missions, Military History, Visual and Performing Arts, Antiques and Gemology

Ms Belinda Chng Hui Kheng
Research Fellow
B.A. (ANU), M.Sc. (NTU)
6790 6249
Research Interests:
Human Security and International Relations in Southeast Asia, State-Society Relations, Multi-Level Governance, Conflict Prevention and Management, Regional Food Security and Crisis Preparedness.

Dr Alan Chong Chia Siong
Associate Professor
Education: B.Soc.Sc.(Hons) (NUS), MSc. Political Theory (LSE), Ph.D. International Relations (LSE)
Email: iscschong@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6514 1906
Research Interests: Theorising by Southeast Asians on the international politics and security of their region (from pre-theorising to constructivist approaches). The Role of International Communication in international relations. (Momentary focus is on the thinkers of the Interwar Years and propaganda aspects of 'Global Cities'). Singapore's foreign policy within the context of international communication.
Detailed profile

Dr Alistair David Blair Cook
Research Fellow
Education: M.A. Hons. (University of St Andrews), M.A. (Purdue), Ph.D. (Melbourne)
Email: iscook@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4010
Research Interests: Non-traditional security, peace and conflict, Asia-Pacific regionalism, environmental security and climate change, foreign policy and internal conflicts in the Asia-Pacific, and domestic politics in Myanmar.

Ambassador Barry Desker
Dean of RSIS and Director of IDSS
Education: B.A. Hons. (University of Singapore), M.A. (London)
Email: d-rsis@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6907
Research Interests: WTO and free trade agreements, terrorism and civil conflicts in Asia, regional economic and security issues.

Prof J. Soedradjad Djiwandono
Education: B.A. (Yogyakarta), M.Sc (Wisconsin, Madison), M.A., Ph.D. (Boston)
Email: isjsdjiwandono@ntu.edu.sg, djiwandono@aol.com
Tel: 6790 6925
Research Interests: Monetary, Banking and Trade Policies - Indonesia and Asean. Current study : the Political Economy of Bank Restructuring in Indonesia

Mr James Michael Dorsey
Senior Fellow
Education: B.Economics (University of Amsterdam)
Email: isjmdorsey@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8781
Research Interests: Issues affecting the Middle East and North Africa, including the politics and international region with a specific current emphasis on the Arab revolt, security, terrorism and the interaction of sports with politics, economics and culture.

Dr Deborah Kay Elms
Senior Fellow, Head of Temasek Foundation Centre for Trade & Negotiations
Education: B.S., B.A. cum Laude,  (Boston), M.A. (University of Southern California), Ph.D. (Washington)
Email: isdelms@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6978
Research Interests: International political economy, trade disputes, political psychology, conflict resolution, trade nexus climate change, Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, American foreign and security policy

Dr Ralf Emmers
Associate Professor, Coordinator of External Teaching Programme (GPO)
Education: B.A. (VUB-Vesalius College), M.Sc., Ph.D. (LSE)
Email: isremmers@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4340
Research Interests: Security Studies and International Relations Theory, International Institutions in the Asia-Pacific, Maritime Security, and the Security and International Politics in Southeast Asia.
Detailed profile

Dr Euan Somerled Graham
Senior Fellow
Education: B.A. Hons. (Hull University), M.A. (Hull University), Ph.D. (Australian National University)
Email: isesgraham@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 1679
Research Interests: Maritime/SLOC security in North and Southeast Asia, East Asian geopolitics and security architecture, Southeast Asia's relations with external powers, security of the Korean Peninsula, history of decolonisation and conflict in Southeast Asia.

Dr Rohan Gunaratna
Professor, Head of International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research
Education: M.A. (University of Notre Dame), Ph.D. (University of St Andrews)
Email: isrkgunaratna@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8925
Research Interests: Terrorist organisations, terrorist operational and support networks, maritime terrorist tactics, technologies and techniques, suicide terrorism, and terrorism in the Asia-Pacific
Detailed profile

Dr Ahmed Salah Hashim
Associate Professor
Education: B.A.(Warwick University), M.Sc (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ph.D (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Email: isashashim@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4909
Research Interests: Middle East and South Asia politics and security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism in Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asia, Insurgency and Counterinsurgency theory and cases in Middle East and Asia, Maritime Terrorism, Nuclear Proliferation, Islamist politics and jihadist thought.

Dr Muhammad Haniff Hassan
Research Fellow
Education: B.A. Hons (UKM), M.Sc. (IDSS, NTU), Ph.D. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: ismhaniff@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6497

Ms Caitriona Helena Heinl
Research Fellow
Education: B.B.L.S. Hons. (University College Dublin), M.Phil (University of Cambridge)
Email: ischeinl@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 1607
Research Interests: European and international issues such as European and international criminal justice, fundamental rights, data privacy and data protection, police and judicial cooperation, crime prevention and the fight against transnational organised crime, counterterrorism, International security and cyber issues.

Ms Elena Ho Wei Ling
Research Fellow

Education: B.Soc.Sc. Hons. (NUS), M.A. (University College London)
Email: isewlho@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6964
Research Interests: Communal relations, Chinese History and European History

Dr Hoo Tiang Boon
Research Fellow

Education: B.Eng. (NUS), M.Sc. (NTU), Ph.D. (University of Oxford)
Email: istbhoo@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 3661
Research Interest: China’s foreign and security policy, US-China relations, China’s international identity and identity politics, identity theory, cross-strait relations, and China’s regional relations.

Mr Yang Razali Kassim
Senior Fellow 
Education: B.A., B.Soc Sc. Hons, (University of Singapore)
Email: isyangrazali@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6817
Research Interests: Southeast Asian affairs and issues of multilateralism, including regional and international economic and security cooperation, including Asean affairs and Asean relations with partners and trading powers. Core area of interest is Southeast Asia, in particular political change and development in Malaysia and Indonesia
Detailed profile

Dr Khong Yuen Foong
Senior Research Advisor
Education: B.A. (Claremont McKenna), Ph.D. (Harvard)
Email: isyfkhong@ntu.edu.sg
Research Interests: International relations of Asia Pacific, United States foreign policy, political psychology

Mr Kwa Chong Guan
Senior Fellow
Education: B.A. Hons. (University of Singapore), M.A. (Kent)
Tel: 6790 6975
Email: iscgkwa@ntu.edu.sg
Research Interests: Heuristics of Asian security practice: the making of Asian military history

Dr Li Mingjiang
Associate Professor, Coordinator of China Programme (IDSS), Coordinator of M.Sc (Asian Studies)
Education: B.A., M.A. (Foreign Affairs University, Beijing), Ph.D. (Boston)
Email: ismjli@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5850
Research Interests: China and East Asian Security, Sino-US relations, China's diplomatic history, and domestic sources of China's international strategies.

Mr Eddie Lim Meng Chong
Senior Fellow, Coordinator of Military Studies Programme
Education: B.A. (NUS), PGDip.Ed. (National Institute of Education), M.Sc. (NTU)
Email: ismclim@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5944
Research Interests: Interface between national interests and military power, and defence diplomacy.

Professor Joseph Chinyong Liow
Associate Dean of RSIS, Coordinator of Malaysia Programme (IDSS), Coordinator of Contemporary Islam Programme (IDSS)
Education: B.A. Hons. (Wisconsin-Madison), M.Sc (NTU), Ph.D. (LSE)
Email: iscyliow@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4908
Research Interests: Malaysian domestic politics and foreign policy, political Islam, the international politics of Southeast Asia
Detailed profile

Dr Loo Fook Weng, Bernard
Associate Professor
Education: B.Soc.Sc. Hons. (NUS), M.A. (ANU), Ph.D. (Aberystwyth)
Email: isfwloo@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6908
Research Interests: War studies, Conventional strategy, Strategies of middle and small states
Detailed profile

Dr Ron Matthews
Professor, Head of Graduate and Doctoral Studies
Education: B.Sc. Hons. (Aston), M.Sc. (Wales-Bangor), MBA (Warwick), Ph.D. (Glasgow)
Email: isrmatthews@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4919
Research Interest: The economics of defence management, including defence industraliasation (particularly Asia –Pacific) countertrade, technology transfer and offsets.
Detailed profile

Dr Anit Mukherjee
Assistant Professor
Education: B.A. (Jawaharlal Nehru University), M.A., Ph.D. (John Hopkins University)
Email: isamukherjee@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 8299

Research Interest: Civil-military Relations, India’s Foreign and Defence Policies, Defence Reforms and Counterinsurgency
Detailed profile

Mr Mohammad Alami Musa
Head of Studies in Inter-Religious Relations in Plural Societies Programme
Education: B.Eng. (University of Singapore), M.Sc. (NUS)
Email: ismamusa@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 1680

Dr Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Malaysia Programme (IDSS)
Education: B.A. Hons. (NUS), M.A. (NUS), PHD in Politics and International Relations (Australian National University)
Email: ismnawab@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 7609
Research Interests: Malaysian and Indonesian domestic politics and foreign policy, Islamic Political Movements (PAS, PKS, Hizb ut-Tahrir and the Muslim Brotherhood), Muslims in Singapore, Political Islam in South Asia (Pakistan and India) and Counter-Radicalization.

Dr Oh Ei Sun
Senior Fellow
B.A., B.Sc., M.Sc., M.B.A., Juris Doctor (University of California)
6592 7720
Research Interests:
Malaysian Studies (Political and socio-economic developments, East Malaysia, relations with China and USA), Southeast Asian Studies (relations with China and USA), Public International Law, Ethics and Governance

Dr Ong Wei Chong
Assistant Professor
Education: Cert. History (University of Hull), B.A. (University of East Anglia, Norwich), M.Sc. (IDSS, NTU), Ph.D. (University of Exeter)
Email: iswcong@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 2741
Research Interests: War Studies, Strategic History and Strategic Thought, Military History, Imperial and Commonwealth History, International History, Insurgency/Counterinsurgency, Media in Conflict.

Ms Sulastri Bte Osman
Research Fellow, Coordinator of Radicalization Studies Programme (CENS)

Education: M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: issulastri@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 8551

Dr Kaewkamol Pitakdumrongkit
Assistant Professor
Education: B.A. (California State University, Long Beach), M.A., Ph.D. (University of California)
Tel: 6790 5983
Research Interests: Financial cooperation and regionalism in East Asia, including how Financial Agreements in East Asia such as the Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI) will unfold and shape future governance in the areas of money and finance

Dr Kumar Ramakrishna
Associate Professor, Head of Centre of Excellence for National Security
Education: B.Soc.Sc. (NUS), Masters in Defence Studies (UNSW), Ph.D. (Royal Holloway, London)
Email: iskumar@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6489
Research Interests: Perspectives on the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960), British propaganda theory and practice in post-war counterinsurgencies, history of Western and Asian military thought, the use of history in policymaking
Detailed profile

Dr Pradumna B. Rana
Associate Professor, Coordinator of International Political Economy Programme, Coordinator of M.Sc (International Political Economy)
Education: M.A. (Tribhuvan University), MA (Michigan State University), PhD (Vanderbilt University)
Email: prana@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 1821
Research Interests: Asian Economic Integration, Economic Linkages between South Asia and East Asia, Global Financial Architecture, Theories of financial crisis.
Detailed profile

Dr Michael Raska
Research Fellow
Education: B.A. (Missouri Southern State College), M.A. (Yonsei University), Ph.D. (LKYSPP, NUS)
Email: ismraska@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 3660
Research Interests: Defense and Military Innovation, Political-Military Dynamics of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Intelligence and Crisis Management.

Dr Evan Resnick
Assistant Professor, Coordinator of United States Programme (IDSS)
Education: B.A. Hons. (York), M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D. (Columbia University)
Email: iseresnick@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 8056
Research Interests: International Relations Theory, International Security Studies, U.S. Foreign Policy, Alliance Politics, Positive Sanctions, Terrorism

Dr Leonard Sebastian
Associate Professor, Coordinator of Indonesia Programme (IDSS)
Education: B.A. Hons., M.A., Grad. Dip. in Strategic Studies (York), Ph.D. (ANU)
Email: islcsebastian@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4402
Research Interests: Indonesia - politics, political economy, regional autonomy, foreign policy and civil-military relations, regional security in Southeast Asia, and international relations theory
Detailed profile

Dr Bhubhindar Singh
Associate Professor, Coordinator of Multilateralism & Regionalism Programme (IDSS)
Education: Ph.D. (University of Sheffield), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isbhubhindar@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6845
Research Interest: Japanese security policy and international relations of Northeast Asia

Dr Tan See Seng
Associate Professor, Deputy Director, Head of Research of the Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies (IDSS), Head of Centre for Multilateralism Studies
Education: B.A. Hons. and M.A. (Manitoba), Ph.D. (Arizona State University)
Email: issstan@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4277
Research Interests: International Theory, critical social thought, the policies and security of the Asia Pacific Region, and Biblical theology
Detailed profile

Mr Tan Seng Chye
Senior Fellow
Education: B.Sc. Hons. (University of Singapore)
Email: issctan@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4009
Research interests: Southeast Asian Affairs and regional economic and security issues

Dr Kevin Tan Yew Lee
Education: LL.B. (Hons) (NUS) LL.M, J.S.D (Yale)
Email: isktan@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5889
Research Interests: International Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Comparative Legal Systems, Legal History.

Dr Norman Vasu
Senior Fellow, Deputy Head of Centre of Excellence for National Security
Education: M.A. Hons. (Glasgow), M.Sc (LSE), Ph.D. (Aberystwyth)
Email: isnvasu@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8779
Research Interests: Multiculturalism, Social Resilience, Immigration, Transnational communities, Ethnic and religious relations
Detailed profile

Prof Pascal Vennesson
M. Pol. Science Hons (University Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris I), M. Pol. Studies Hons., Ph.D. summa cum laude (Sciences-Po Paris)
Email: ispvennesson@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6624
Research Interests: International Relations Theory, International Security Studies, Strategic Thought, Changing Character of War, Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union.

Dr Wu Shang-Su
Research Fellow
B.A., M.A. (National Taiwan University), Ph.D. (University of New South Wales)
Email: issswu@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 1817
Research Interests: Small state defence, conventional deterrence, the security issues of Taiwan and South East Asia.

Adjunct Staff

(listed in alphabetical order)

Dr. Arabinda ACHARYA
Adjunct Fellow
Education: B.A. Hons. (Ravenshaw College), LLB, M.A. Hons. (Utkal, India), M.Sc. (IDSS, NTU), Ph.D. (Deakin)

Mr Robert Beckman
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: LLM (Harvard), JD BBA (Wisconsin)
Email: isrbeckman@ntu.edu.sg

Dr. John Jackson EWING
Adjunct Fellow
Education: B.A. (College of Charleston), M.International Relations, Ph.D. (Bond University)

Dr Chang Young Ho
Assistant Professor
Education: B.Sc. (Seoul), M.A. (Yonsei), Ph.D. (Hawaii)
Email: isyhchang@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8781
Research Interests:  Economics of Global Warming and Climate Change; Economics of Renewable Resources; Energy Management and Conservation; Efficiency and Equity in Electricity Market Deregulation; Economics of Energy Security; Energy and Economic Growth in China

Capt Savio Coutinho
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: M.Sc. (NTU)

Mr Peter Ho
Adjunct Professor
Education: B.A., M.A. (University of Cambridge)

Dr. Adrian KUAH Wee Jin
Adjunct Research Fellow
Education: B.A. Hons. (University of York), M.A. (Warwick), Ph.D. (Cranfield)

Ms Margaret Liang Yu Yee
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: B.Sc. Hons. (University of Singapore)
Email: ismliang@ntu.edu.sg
Research Interests: WTO Trade Law, FTA issues

Mr. LIM Aik Hoe
Adjunct Fellow
Education: B.Sc. Hons. (University of Reading), Post-Grad.Dip. (London), M.International Econ.Mgmt. (University of Birmingham)

Dr Lim Ee Peng
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: B.Sc. (NUS), Ph.D. (University of Minnesota)
Email: ASEPLIM@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Youna Lyons
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: M .Marine Affairs (University of Washington)
Email: isyounalyons@ntu.edu.sg

Dr C Raja Mohan
Adjunct Professor
Education: B. Sc. First Class, M.Sc. First Class (Andhra), M.Phil, Ph.D. (Jawaharlal Nehru)
Email: iscrmohan@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4909
Research Interests: Nuclear proliferation and arms control, Asian security, India's foreign and defence policies, South Asian international Relations

Ambassador See Chak Mun
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: B.A (University of Singapore)

Adjunct Fellow
Education: B.Sc. First Class Hons. (London), Grad.Dip. Mgmt. Studies (Australian Command and Staff College), Specialist Dip. , M.Ed. (NTU)

Dr Bilveer Singh
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: B.A. (University of Singapore), B.Soc.Sc. (NUS), M.A., Ph.D. (ANU)

COL(RET) SOH Guan Huat
Adjunct Fellow
Education: B.A. (NUS), M. Military Studies (Marine Corps University)

BG(VOL) Jimmy Tan
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: B.A. Hons. (University of Oxford), M.Industrial Engg. (NUS), M.Sc. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), M.Sc. (National Defence University)

Dr. Paul Teng Piang Siong
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: B. Agricultural Sc. Hons., Ph.D. (University of Canterbury)

Dr. YEO Lay Hwee
Adjunct Fellow
Education: B.Soc.Sc. (NUS), M.A. (Canterbury), Ph.D. (NUS)

Dr Friedrich Wu Wun-Yuen
Adjunct Associate Professor
Education:B.A. Cum Laude (California State University, Chico), M.A., Ph.D. (Washington)
Email: isfriedrichwu@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 7607
Research Interests: Public Policy and Economic Management in Asia, Business-Government Relations in Asia, ASEAN-Greater China Relations

Detailed profile

Mr Geoffrey Yu
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Education: B.Soc.Sc (University of Singapore)

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Associate Research Fellows, Senior Analysts and Research Analysts

(listed in alphabetical order)

Ms Gianna Gayle Herrera Amul
Senior Analyst
B.A. (University of Philippines), M.Sc (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isgianna@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 2036
Research Interests: Environmental Security, Sustainability of Mining and its Impact on Indigenous Communities in Asia Pacific, Health Security (particularly tobacco control policies in Asia Pacific and relationships between governments and tobacco industry)

Ms Adilah Binti Anwar
Research Analyst
B. Human Sciences (Arab Languages and Literature) Hons. (International Islamic University Malaysia)
6790 6497
Research Interests: 
Arabic linguistics, Arabic translations, abnormal psychology, Islam and psychology, online terrorism, and community cohesion.

Mr Iftekharul Bashar
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.S.S. Hons, M. Soc. Sci (University of Dhaka)
Tel: 6513 2041
Email: isiftekharul@ntu.edu.sg
Research Interests: Terrorism and political violence in South Asia, sociology of radicalization and extremism, Islamic political thought, conflict studies, political risk analysis and politics and security in South Asia and Indian Ocean region.

Mr Abdul Basit
Senior Analyst
Education: B.A. (Punjab University), M.Sc., M.Phil. (Quaid-I-Azam University)
Tel: 6513 2041
Email: isabasit@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Irene Chan
Senior Analyst

Email: isirenechan@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5774
Research Interests: State, Politics and Society in China, specifically minority politics and China and East Asia Regionalism    

Mr Chang Jun Yan
Senior Analyst
B.Soc.Sc. (Hons) (NUS)
Email: isjychang@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6484
Research Interests: International Relations Theory, International and Regional Organisations, Democracy Studies

Mr Chen Jieyang Jonathan
Associate Research Fellow
B.Bus., M.Sc. (NTU)
Email: isjychen@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 2039
Research Interests: Political Parties of Indonesia, State and Society in Indonesia, Indonesian Ethnic Chinese Community, Contemporary Issues of Timor-Leste, China-Indonesian Relations

Ms Choong Pui Yee
Senior Analyst

Education: B. A Hons (UM) Malaysia and M. Sc (RSIS, NTU)
Email: ispychoong@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 8037
Research Interest: International and comparative politics in Southeast Asia, Religious violence and separatism in Southeast Asia, ASEAN regionalism, Malaysia domestic politics, Comparative Religious studies between Islam and Christianity

Ms Celia Chua Bee Hong
Associate Research Fellow
B.Eng. (NUS), M.Sc. (NTU)
Tel: 6513 2035
Research Interests:
Environmental and economic assessment

Ms Eliane Coates
Senior Analyst
B.A. (University of Sydney), M. International Security (University of Sydney)
Tel: 6592 7576
Research Interests:
Middle East and South Asia Conflict and Security, State-building and Fragile States, Terrorism and Political Islam

Mr Das Ajaya Kumar
Associate Research Fellow

Education: M.Phil (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
Email: ISAjaya@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6625

Ms Fitriani
Associate Research Fellow

Education: M. Defense and Security Management
Email: isfitriani@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4752
Research Interests: Security and Defense issues especially related to women and gender

Mr Franco Joseph Raymond Silva
Associate Research Fellow
B.A. (University of the Philippines), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isfranco@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 1605
Research Interests: Counter Insurgency, Radicalization, Internal Conflict, UN Peacekeeping Operations, Special Operations Forces

Ms Rajni Nayanthara Gamage
Research Analyst
Education: B.S.Sc. (NUS)
Email: isrngamage@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4815
Research Interests: Terrorism, elections, and public administration issues in the South and Southeast Asian regions.

Mr Justin Michael Goldman
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.A. (Regis University), M.Sc. (NTU)
Email: isjmgoldman@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 8037
Research Interests: Civil-military operations, security force assistance, peace-keeping and amphibious operations.

Mr Mahfuh Halimi
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.A. Hons (UKM, Malaysia), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: ismahfuh@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6498

Mr Ahmad Saiful Rijal Bin Hassan
Research Analyst

Education: B.A (Al-Azhar University)
Email: isahmad@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8927
Research Interest: Social development, politics, history and geography of the region.

Mr Ho Shu Huang
Associate Research Fellow

Education: B.A. Hons (NUS), M.Sc (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isshho@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6484
Research Interest: History of Military Technology, Military History, Military Innovation, The Revolution in Military Affairs.

Mr Ho Tze Ern Benjamin
Associate Research Fellow

Education: M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isteho@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5773
Research Interest:
Counter-terrorism, US Foreign Policy, Security Studies, Religion on International Politics and Globalization

Ms Hong Yan
Associate Research Fellow

Education: B.A. (Beijing Foreign Studies University), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU), M.A. (University College London)
Email: isyhong@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6979
Research Interest:
China and global governance, China-EU relations, China and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), particularly Russia and Central Asia, and intellectual property rights in China

Ms Jolene Anne R Jerard
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.Soc. Sci. Hons. (NUS), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isjolene@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6425
Research Interests: Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Architectures; Negotiation and Conflict Management; Religious Militancy and the Politics of Religion

Mr Don Rodney Ong Junio
Associate Research Fellow
B.Sc. (University of the Philippines Diliman), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isdrojunio@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 2536
Research Interests: Regional integration, institutional analysis, and the economics of network industries with specific focus on policy reforms, regulation, and development within the telecom and ICT sectors.

Mr Kemburi Venkata Durga Kalyan Mohan
Associate Research Fellow

Education: M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: iskalyan@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6529 2546
Research Interest: foreign and security policies of China and India; Chinese trade and investments in South and Southeast Asia; nuclear energy and energy security; and military modernization in Asia.

Mr Krishna Khanal
Research Analyst

Education: B.Sc. (Bangalore University), M.Sc. (Vinayaka Missions University), M.Sc. (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Email: iskkhanal@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 2040
Research Interest: Pandemic preparedness, bioterrorism and policy response, chemical and biological legislation, biosecurity measures within Southeast Asia

Mr Koh Swee Lean Collin
Associate Research Fellow

Education: M.Sc (RSIS,NTU)
Email: iscollinkoh@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 2037

Ms Harshita Kohli
Associate Research Fellow

Education: B.Com. (University of Mumbai), M.A. (City University London), M.Sc. (NTU)
Email: ishvkohli@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5927
Research Interest: U.S.-South Asia relations with a focus on Indo-U.S. ties and U.S.’ foreign policies in South Asia as a part of its pivot to Asia.

Mr Kyaw San Wai
Senior Analyst

Education: B.Sc. (NUS), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isswkyaw@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 8061
Research Interest: Myanmar’s Foreign Policy, Burmese Politics, Political Buddhism, Sustainable Development Studies

Dr Jonatan Anderias Lassa
Research Fellow
Education: B.Eng. (Widya Mandira Catholic University), M.Sc. (University of East Anglia, Norwich), Dr.Ing. (University of Bonn, Germany)
Email: isjalassa@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5773
Research Interests: Food security in a changing climate, climate-smart agriculture, disaster risk governance, risk in urban/rural development, loss and damage assessment in agriculture, how government in developing world deal with climate and disaster risks, and complexity and governance of risk in developing countries.

Mr Lee Il Woo
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.A. (University of Georgia), M.Sc. ( LSE)
Email: isiwlee@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6482
Research Interests: Probing foreign affairs through the various lenses of security, culture, and even psychological heuristics, with a particular curiosity for asymmetrical warfare and psychological operations.

Mr Dylan Loh Ming Hui
Research Analyst
Education: B.A. Hons., M.Sc. (NTU)
Email: ismhloh@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4751
Research Interest: China-ASEAN relations, US-ASEAN relations and dramaturgical international relations

Ms Iromi Dharmawardhane
Research Analyst

Education: B.A. (Monash University)
Email: isdiromi@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8928
Research Interests: International relations, counter-terrorism, post-conflict reconciliation, religion and philosophy.

Mr Mohamed Feisal Bin Mohamed Hassan
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.A. Hons (IIUM), M.A. (ISTAC)
Email: ismfeisal@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6498
Research Interests: Religious ideologies and counter-terrorism, cultural and Islamic practices.

Mr Zulkifli Bin Mohamed Sultan
Research Analyst
Education: B.A. (Bashar Al-Assad Tahfiz Institute)
Email: iszulkifli@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 1604
Research Interest: Islamic thoughts, extremism in Middle East, political development in the Middle East, Ideologies and counter terrorism

Ms Nur Azlin Mohamed Yasin
Associate Research Fellow
Education: Dip. (MDIS-Oklahoma City University)
Email: isnurazlin@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 4008
Research Interests: International terrorism, Security, Religion and culture, Religion and tradition

Ms Maria Carmencita Singson Morales
Associate Research Fellow
B.A., M.A. (University of Asia and the Pacific), M.P.P. (NUS)
Email: ismcsmorales@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8782
Research Interests: Policy analyses in the area of rural development, food security and trade facilitation with a focus on agricultural commodities.

Mr Nah Liang Tuang
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.Sc. (University of London), M.Sc. (RSIS,NTU)
Email: isltnah@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6849
Research Interests: Politics of nuclear armament and disarmament, North Korean politics and Non-Traditional Security

Ms Saba Noor
Research Analyst

Education: B.A. (University of Punjab), M.Sc. (Quaid-i-Azam University)
Email: issaba@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 2043
Research Interests: Terrorism/counter-terrorism, radicalization and de-radicalization strategies

Ms Nur Aziemah Binte Azman
Senior Analyst

Education: B.A. (Al-Azhar University)
Email: isnaziemah@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6436
Research Interests: Online Extremism, Arabic Language, Arabic-English Translation, Computer-assisted Translation Tools, International Terrorism, Religion and Identity

Ms Navhat Nuraniyah
Associate Research Fellow
B. Political Science (Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta), M.A., M.Dip. (ANU)
6592 1604
Research Interests: 
Religiously motivated terrorism and counter-terrorism policy, human trafficking and refugee issues, critical security and human security approaches, feminist IR theory, international norms diffusion and norm entrapment, international politics of human rights, and gender and development.

Mr Syed Huzaifah Bin Othman Alkaff
Senior Analyst

Education: B. Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage Hons. (International Islamic University Malaysia)
Email: ishuzaifah@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6514 8387
Research Interests: Middle East, terror financing (financial terrorism), the Arabic language, anti-money laundering, communication, Islamic heritage, politics in Islam, international relations, and organised crime.

Mr Afif Bin Pasuni
Associate Research Fellow

Education: M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isafif@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 8038
Research Interest: Political Islam & Islamic polity, Southeast Asian politics, Middle Eastern opposition parties and secular governance vis-a-vis religious interests

Mr Vinay Kumar Pathak
Associate Research Fellow
6513 8058

Ms Nadica Pavlovska
Associate Research Fellow
B.A. (Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Macedonia), B.A. (American University, Bulgaria), M.A. (University College London)
6790 6650
Research Interests: Immigration and Social Cohesion, Comparative Analysis of Multicultural Policies, National Identity Building and its Impact on Social Resilience

Mr Adhi Priamarizki
Senior Analyst
B.A. (Parahyangan Catholic University), M.Sc (RSIS, NTU)
6513 2039
Research Interests: Immigration and Social Cohesion, Comparative Analysis of Multicultural Policies, National Identity Building and its Impact on Social Resilience

Mr Vikram Rajakumar
Senior Analyst

Education: Bachelor of Applied Justice Studies (Mount Royal University, Canada)
Email: isvrajakumar@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8928
Research Interests: Terrorism and political violence in South Asia, and the financing of terrorism (CFT)

Ms Manaswini Ramkumar
Associate Research Fellow

Education: B.A (Luther College), M.Sc (RSIS, NTU)
Email: ismramkumar@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6626
Research Interests:
South Asia Security, India-Foreign Policy, Counter-Terrorism, Democracies & Security Policy, Defense Industries and Civil-Military Relations

Ms Maria Theresa Anna C. Robles
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.Sc. (University of the Philippines, Diliman), M.Soc.Sc. (NUS)
Email: ismtheresa@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6424
Research Interests: Financial Regional Cooperation Initiatives and Institutions in Asia-Pacific (particularly on the shifting dynamics of major power relations), Multipolanty and Strategies available to Middle Powers and Conceptions of Power in the region, Attendant Legitimacy Issues

Ms Nur Irfani Binte Saripi
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.A (Al-Azhar)
Email: isnurirfani@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6436
Research Interests: Religion and Identity, Ideology and counter-ideology, Targets of radicalization.

Ms Margareth Sembiring
Research Analyst

Education: B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering)(NUS), M.Si. (Han) (Indonesian Defense University), M.A. (King’s College London)
Email: ismsembiring@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 2037
Research Interests: Non-traditional security issues such as energy and internal and cross-border conflicts, and traditional security realm including strategic and defence issues in the Asia Pacific.

Mr Maxim Shrestha
Associate Research Fellow

Education: B.A. (NUS), M.Sc. (NTU)
Email: ismshrestha@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 7522
Research Interests: Political and socio-economic issues surrounding food and agriculture, and other issues that fall under the broader umbrella of Non-Traditional Security such as water, land use, energy, and migration.

Mr Muhammad Saiful Alam Shah Bin Sudiman
Associate Research Fellow
B.A. Islamic Theology (Al-Azhar, Cairo), M. Counselling (Monash University)
Email: issaifulalam@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6428
Research Interests: Muslim-Jewish Relations in Early Islam and the Modern World

Mr Ristian Adrianti Supriyanto
Associate Research Fellow

Education: M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isristian@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 2536
Research Interest:
Naval Development in Asia Pacific, Maritime Security in Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific Military Modernization and Asia-Pacific geopolitics.

Mr Tan Kwoh Jack
Associate Research Fellow

Education: B.Com. (University of Tasmania), M.Sc. (NTU)
Email: iskjtan@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6622
Research Interests: Examining international relations and security issues from postcolonial perspectives - legacies of colonialism, role of intellectuals, "everyday" life and their connections to contemporary international relations

Ms Sarah Teo Li-Shan
Associate Research Fellow

Education: B. Communication Studies Hons. (NTU), M.Sc. (NTU)
Email: islsteo@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5927
Research Interest:
Inter-Korean Relations, US-East Asia Relations, International Relations of Northeast Asia, Political Communication and Discourse (particularly within the context of US-Asia relations)

Mr Julius Cesar Imperial Trajano
Senior Analyst
Education: B.A. (University of the Philippines Manila), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isjtrajano@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5853
Research Interest: Democratization, Politics and Governance in Indonesia, Politics and Governance in the Philippines, Security Issues in the Asia-Pacific, Nationalism and Identity Issues, Regional Institutions, Ethnic Separatism, International Relations in Asia-Pacific and Politics in Southeast Asia

Mr Tsjeng Zhizhao, Henrick
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.A. (Boston University), M.I.A. ( Columbia University)
Email: iszztsjeng@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 2536
Research Interest: Maritime security, military and naval strategy, as well as international politics and security issues in the Asia-Pacific region (US-China, ASEAN, and inter-Korean issues).

Ms Vidia Arianti
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.A. (University of Indonesia), M.Sc (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isvidia@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6428
Research Interests: Indonesian affairs: political Islam, political economy, and political violence

Mr Adri Wanto
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.Soc.Sc. (University of Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama)), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: isadriwanto@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 7519

Ms Widjaya Yang Hui Jennifer
Associate Research Analyst

Education: M.A (NUS)
Email: isjennifer@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 5780
Research Interest: Strategic communication, study of religion in contemporary society, history and social movements in Indonesia and ethnic Chinese in Indonesia.

Ms Yeap Su Yin
Associate Research Fellow

Education: M.Law (University of Malaya), M.S (RSIS,NTU)
Email: issyyeap@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6342

Mr Senol Yilmaz
Associate Research Fellow

Education: MA (Maxwell School of Syracuse University)
Email: issyilmaz@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 1608
Research Interests: Crisis Communication, International Security and the International System, Counter-terrorism and Counter-Radicalization, Homeland Security and the Nexus of organized Crime and Terrorism

Mr Zhang Hong Zhou
Associate Research Fellow
Education: B.Sc. (RSIS, NTU), M.Sc. (RSIS, NTU)
Email: ishzzhang@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6592 2547
Research Interest: China’s rural development, Food Security, Agricultural development and PLA and Maritime Security

Ms Zou Wen Tao
Research Analyst
Education: B.Bus. (RMIT), M.A. (NTU)
Email: iswtzou@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6920
Research Interests: Chinese domestic politics, maritime security, cross-straits relations, East Asia regional security (Korean Peninsula, South-East Asian states unity)

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Language Officers

(listed in alphabetical order)

Ms Ainah Binte Manap
Senior Language/ Admin Officer

Education: A Level (Temasek Junior College)
Email: isainah@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6498

Mr Mohamad Imran Bin Mohd Noor
Language Officer
Education: Dip. (Singapore Polytechnic)
Email: ismimran@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6316 8928

Mr Okkie Tanupradja
Language Officer
Education: B.Des.St. (Griffith University), M.A. (RMIT University)
Email: isokkie@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6498
Research Interests: Inter-cultural studies, such as Dutch-Indonesian colonial architecture during pre-war era, Indonesian Peranakan batik, cultural artefacts, and Orientalism.

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Visiting Scholars

(listed in alphabetical order)

Professor Ian Clark
Visiting Researcher
Education: M.A. (Glasgow), Ph.D. (ANU)
Email: isiclark@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 6213

Dr Oliver Wendell Markley
Visiting Fellow
Education: B.Sc. (San Diego State University), M.Sc. (Stanford University), M.A., Ph.D. (Northwestern University)
Email: isowmarkley@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6513 7610
Research Interests: Alternative global futures: major change drivers, archetypal scenarios, probable disruptive risks and co-creative opportunities for collective intelligence and resilience—especially aspirational futures involving civilizational maturation (ideological co-evolution of ecological sustainability, socioeconomic justice, global peace and prosperity).